Bara Bangal Trek

  • Duration : 13 Days.
  • Season : July to September.
  • Region Covered : Manali – Sunni Valley – Kangra Valley

Detailed Itinerary :

  • Day 1 MANALI TO LAMADUGH (9,000fts)-5 to 6hours: The first day of the trek goes through cool forests of giant Deodar (cedar), alder and oak. The trail climbs gently at first through the Manalsu valley along the Manalsu torrent. Extensive views of the Kullu valley appear and slowly fade into the distance as the degree of the gradient decreases; the gentle slope of the first campsite in the lush green meadows of Lamadugh is reached. From here beautiful views of the surrounding peaks open up.
  • Day 2 LAMADUGH to RIALI THATCH (11200 ft / 3,414m): The trail now begins to ascend steeply through woodland and meadow, with wild alpine flowers strewn all .On the way brilliant shrubs of rhododendron and Birch pave the way to ridge ,looking out across spectacular Peaks, after which a descent leads to the campsite at Dohra nallah .
  • Day 3 RIALI THATCH to base of KALIHEYNI PASS (15, 550.ft/4,725m): A lovely walk through lush green forests to the campsite at the base of the Kalihayni pass to (15,550feet/4,725 m). The campsite itself is at an elevation of 13,200 feet (4,023m) .The Mountain peaks of the Kullu and Lahaul valleys are visible throughout.
  • Day4 OVER KALIHEYNI PASS to MEADOW CAMP -8 to 9 hours: The landscape slowly begins to change as forests and meadows give way to rocky outcrops with patches of snow starting to appear. A rather steep climb through glacial debris and snow leads to the top of the pass, from where breathtaking views are available .After a brief halt a descent through glacier and moraine leads to the campsite on the banks of a sparkling mountain stream.
  • Day 5 MEADOW CAMP to GADDI THACH (11,300 ft/3,577m): The trail now leads down into the Sunni River Valley and up the buff overlooking the river. Camp is set at Gaddi Thatch.
  • DAY 6 GADDI THACH to LAMBAPAD -3 to 4 hours: Leaving this lovely campsite, the path winds through rocky terrain soon replaced by meadows again. The river rushes through spectacular gorges and is crossed via a snow bridge. Forests begin to appear and soon the campsite, with an abundance of dry wood next to a sparkling stream is reached.
  • Day 7 LAMBAPAD to SUNNI VALLEY CAMP (12,000 ft/3,658m): The trail now descends to the river bank. The campsite is by a stream which adds to the beauty of the surrounding landscape, one of the most magnificent in the western Himalayas.
  • Day 8 SUNNI VALLEY/ BARA BANGAL (7,500 ft /2,286m):The trail now winds its way down towards the valley floor, after which an almost level walk leads to the camp just before the tiny ancient village of BaraBangal.
  • Day 9 REST DAY: A remote and isolated village, Bara Bangal is open only for four or five months of the year. The inhabitants are the legendary Himalayan shepherds -the Gaddis-who lead a nomadic life, herding their flocks of sheep into high mountain pastures once the snow melts and then returning to their isolated existence is the village.
    Note: it is recommended that there be two rest days in Bara Bangal, one to visit Kail Dhar which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of snow peaks and second day to visit the charming village of Bara Bangal.
  • Day 10 BARA BANGAL to UDAG 6 to 7 hours: A steady climb, with the scenery changing quite dramatically and the air getting cooler, leads to the campsite at Marhi, at the base of Thamsar Pass. The evening chill is replaced by the comfortable warmth of a lively campfire.
  • Day 11 UDAG to PANHARTU OVER THAMSAR PASS (15,750ft/4,800m)-8 to 9 hours: A long walk today. The trail slowly emerges from the rocky terrain into the softer landscape of lakes, meadows and forests. Numerous lakes dot the countryside, interspersed by cascading waterfalls. A descent through green wooded slopes leads to a tiny tea shop and a while later, to the tiny village of Palchak. Camp nearby.
  • Day 12 PANHARTU to RAJGUNDA -5 to 6 hours: A very pleasant day’s walk through a leafy bridal path and soon tiny villages, seemingly hanging on the shoulders of the hillsides, make their appearence.Camp is set near the small village of Billing.
    Day 13 RAJGUNDA to BILLING – 4 hours: The bridal path leads onto the tiny meadow of billing, providing extensive view of Kangra valley .From billing drive kullu. first we descend first part of the drive is on the main highway to Drang (40 kms.)Once we leave the highway at drang ,most of the drive is uphill on mountain road with lot of zigzags, next down hill to Bajauru,we will join national highway 21 and than riding 15 kms.on national highway to the kullu.

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