Hamta Pass Trek

  • Duration : 05 days
  • Season : July to August
  • Region : Manali – Kullu – Spiti valley

Detailed itinerary :

  • Day 1. Jobra to Chika  (2 hours easy ascent 9800 ft to 10,400 ft) –  The vehicle from Manali after passing the Prini village takes you up through 40 hairpin bends and drops you off at Jobra . You have already gained quite an altitude from Manali and you start your trek at 9800ft. Cross the road and take the small path into the forest. You can traverse on the meadow or climb up the left hill. The climb makes the path slightly shorter. Chika the camping ground for the day is at the end of this meadow. The river flows right in the middle and water is no issue. Choose a nice ground and pitch your tent for the day. The temperature at night would be around 8-10 degrees.
  • Day 2. Chika to Balu Ka Gera (4 hours easy ascent) – Start from Chika after breakfast. The destination for the day Balu-Ka-Gera is not seen but is towards the right of your camp site. Set out head right but you are all along on the left bank of the river. The initial climb is mainly through stones and boulders. The going is never too difficult.The right bank of the river is laced with dwarf Rhododendrons in the lower and middle region of the mountain and Birch trees grow at the upper end.
  • Day 3. Balu-Ka-Gera to Shea Goru crossing Hampta Pass (8-9 hours Easy to moderately steep ascents followed by a sharp descent ) – Today’s trek can be broken into two stages. The climb to Hampta pass which is moderately steep and then the steep descent from Hampta Pass to Sheagoru.  You will want to take a small break on top of the pass so make it your target to reach the pass by lunch time, have lunch there and then start the descent. Hampta Pass is a bend away from the top of the second ridge.
  • Day 4. Sheagoru to Chatru (4 – 4½ hours of downhill trek. Easy with some tricky sections) –  Its a gentle down hill walk in the beginning from Sheagoru. You still move along side the river in the valley between the mountain ranges. After an hour you get to see the road at Chatru at a distance. The mountains opposite are barren. The typical Spiti look. As you move closer to the road, the descent gets a little tricky. You will need to traverse by the edges of rocks and sometimes it may just be easier to get down into the river/glacier bed below to skip the rocky section and get back up.
  • Day 5. Chatru to Chandratal or Chatru to Manali (depending on the Road condition) –  If the roads are clear and devoid of snow, a visit to Chandratal the moon lake is a must when you are in Spiti. Chatru is about 70kms away from Chandratal and a vehicle will have to be ordered from Manali to take you to Chandratal from Chatru. You reach Chandratal by late afternoon and pitch your tents for the night by the lake. Drive back to Manali the next day and reach Manali by 3 – 4 pm.  Chandratal in Spiti  Late summers the road opens up to Chatru and beyond and you can take the vehicle to Manali from the bridge at Chatru. If you are early or late in the season, Chandratal may be ruled out and you may have to walk on the road upto a place where the road has be cleared off its snow flows. The journey from Chatru to Manali passes through Rohtang Pass and can take up to 4 hours. The scenery all through the route is a treat in itself.

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